The History Teachers’ Association of Australia (Inc) seeks to:
  • foster an interest in History and the teaching of History
  • provide a forum for discussion and for the exchange of information relative to the teaching of History
  • publish from time to time material related to History and the teaching of History
  • sponsor and support all such activities as may assist History teachers and the teaching of History
  • conduct programs and conferences inviting the participation of History Teachers

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Australian History Competition

Australian History Competition

2014 Australian History Competition Results
National Champion – YEAR 10
Jack Annear – Christ Church Grammar School, WA

National Champions – YEAR 8
James Grant – William Carey Christian School, NSW
Digby Williams – Kormilda College, NT
Sarah Berry – Berry School, VIC

Evaluation of 2014 competition and more results are provided on the Australian History Competition website: www.australianhistorycompetition.com.au

2015 Australian History Competition Details
Details for 2015 on AHC website: 24 October 2014
Registration closes: 2 April 2015
Competition Date – Year 8 & Year 10: 27 May 2015

More details at www.australianhistorycompetition.com.au


Major Resource for Australian Curriculum Launched

The History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA) has just launched a unique website: AC History Units

Developed by classroom teachers from around Australia, it is designed to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: History in primary and secondary years.

The site presents eight units. The first, Teaching History, is a foundation unit, providing a brief introduction to the discipline of history and designed to ‘unpack’ the skills, concepts and historical understandings of the Australian curriculum. The remaining seven units focus on specific topics relevant to particular year levels and provide sample learning sequences, a wide range of resources
and assessment ideas.

A major goal has been to provide the conceptual background (in Unit 1) and concrete examples (in Units 2-8) to assist teachers in designing their own programs and learning sequences for other topics and year levels. It is expected that this resource will be welcomed by teachers at all levels and teacher educators.

National History Challenge 2015
THEME: “Leadership and Legacy”
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The National History Challenge (NHC) is an exciting contest that encourages students to use research and inquiry based learning to discover more about the past. Students are the historians. They can investigate their community, explore their own and their family’s past and explore ideas throughout history. The NHC encourages inquiry based learning, the use of primary and secondary sources and offers a variety of presentation styles that can cater to individual learning styles. It rewards students with generous cash prizes and travel opportunities.
CLOSING DATE: 21 August 2015
MORE DETAILS: click here


Simpson Prize 2016

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QUESTION: “The landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 is often given prominence in accounts of the Gallipoli campaign. What other events or experiences of the campaign would you argue require more attention? Why?”
(Students must respond using the Australian War Memorial Source Selection and their own research)

The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Year 9 & 10 students. The competition encourages participants to focus on the significance of Anzac Day and what it means to them and Australia.
CLOSING DATE: 16 October 2015
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