Australian History Competition results 2016

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Australian History Competition this year.


The national winner of the Year 10 category was Emma Belgrave (Endeavour College, SA) who achieved 96%.

The national winners for the Year 9 category were Oliver Papillo (Camberwell Grammar School, VIC) and Leila Heinrich (The Essington School, NT) who achieved 84%.

The national winners in the Year 8 category were Christina Gao (Radford College, ACT), Jiani Yang (Radford College, ACT),  Bill Vickers (Brisbane State High School, QLD) and Indigo Bew (Kelmscott SHS, WA) who all achieved 100%.

The national winners in the Year 7 category were Joshua Berry (Home Education Network), Sarah Berry(Home Education Network) and Roy Chalmers(Scotch College) who all achieved 98%.

A list of state winners and top schools for each year category is available on the AHC website.

The 2017 Australian History Competition will be held on 24 May.