HTAA updates

HTAA updates to the National curriculum

June 2009 The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has commenced its work. It replaces the National Curriculum Board (NCB) The ACARA website is now live: The new board is listed and a number of new documents have been posted, including a Curriculum Design Paper that sets out […]

HTAA June 2009 Update

National Curriculum Update – May 2009 The following documents have just been posted on the National Curriculum Board’s website: ‘The Shape of the Australian Curriculum: History’ (revised framing paper) (Link updated 10.09.2015, The Editor) ‘The Shape of the Australian Curriculum (Link updated 10.09.2015, The Editor) For more information please go […]

HTAA May 2009 Update

National Curriculum Update – March 2009 The period for consultation on the National Curriculum Board’s (NCB) History Framing Paper concluded at the end of February 2009. At the time of writing the responses to the Framing Paper are being processed and it is expected that a brief for curriculum writing […]

HTAA March 2009 Update

  HTAA RESPONSE TO THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM BOARD’S HISTORY FRAMING PAPER, 11 February 2009   1. INTRODUCTION   This History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA) is the peak body representing the History Teachers’ Associations of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. […]

HTAA February 2009 Update

HTAA Statement – National Curriculum & Teacher Pre-Service Training The National Curriculum Board recently released its History Curriculum Framing Paper and will soon begin the process of syllabus writing for new national curriculum courses in history. The History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA) has been an enthusiastic supporter of the […]

HTAA January 2009 Update