htaa conference 2018

History Teachers’ Association of Australia
Annual Conference
2 – 4 October 2018, Canberra

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HTAA 2018 National Conference, Canberra

IMAGE: Percy Trompf Canberra c.1930, lithograph, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Purchased 1984

2017 HTAA Conference – Brisbane

Breaking Boundaries

The 2017 National Conference, hosted by the Queensland History Teachers’ Association, offered delegates a stimulating and exciting program of keynotes, workshops, seminars and excursions. Centrally located in the Brisbane CBD, the conference coincided with the Brisbane Festival which boasted a dynamic program of arts, cultural events and fireworks.

For more information on Queensland History conferences, please visit the QHTA website

2016 HTAA Conference – Sydney

Challenging History

The 2016 National Conference “Challenging History” hosted by The History Teachers’ Association of New South Wales took place in the heart of the city within a short walk of many of Sydney’s outstanding attractions which includes many historical locations.

For more information on History conferences in Victoria, Please visit the HTA NSW website.

2015 HTAA Conference – Melbourne

History for the Future: What Future for History?

The 2015 National Conference “Racing Into History?” hosted by HTAV featured an impressive range of workshops, lectures and practical seminars. With ninety sessions over three jam-packed days, including a range of prominent speakers and educators, the event offered a comprehensive selection of ideas for effective classroom teaching practice.

For more information on History conferences in Victoria, please visit the HTAV website.

2014 HTAA Conference – Brisbane

History for the Future: What Future for History?

The theme of this 2014 conference was “History for the Future: What Future for History?” and aimed to challenge teachers to think about the Discipline of History and what it means to be History Teachers, and so to develop the capacity to deliver effective and meaningful learning experiences in Australian classrooms.

For more information on Queensland History conferences, please visit the QHTA website.

2013 HTAA Conference – Canberra

Vision Splendid

The conference celebrated the history and heritage of our nation as Canberra turned 100 in 2013. Participants immersed themselves in the Australian History Curriculum and participated in a special Centenary format that incorporated Anzac Day and explored the national capital’s cultural institutions.

For more information on History programs in the ACT, please visit the ACT HTA website.

2012 HTAA Conference – Perth

My History – Your History – Our History

The conference provided intellectual stimulation and practical workshops on Australian Curriculum, Modern and Ancient History and innovative ICT for Primary and Secondary teachers. Presentations from the leading lights of the Western Australian academic, indigenous and literary communities were held and the opportunity to experience historical and modern perspectives of Western Australian treasures was provided.

For more information on upcoming events in WA, please visit the HTAWA website.