HTAA January 2009 Update

HTAA Statement – National Curriculum & Teacher Pre-Service Training The National Curriculum Board recently released its History Curriculum Framing Paper and will soon begin the process of syllabus writing for new national curriculum courses in history. The History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA) has been an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative to develop a national …

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National Curriculum Board posts consultation draft of History Framework Paper

The National Curriculum Board has released English, mathematics, science and history framing papers for public consultation. National History Curriculum – Framing_Paper (Link updated 10.09.2015, The Editor) Please visit the website to choose how you can participate in providing feedback to the Board. Papers are open for consultation until 28 February 2009.

Tony Taylor in The Age: “Politicians should leave history to the teachers”

THE AGE, October 20, 2008 TONY ABBOTT’S recent doorstop comment that there were not enough facts about English history in the current National Curriculum Board framing paper on school history has a familiar ring. Link to full article Tony Taylor was director of the National Centre for History Education (2001-2007) and is now involved in …

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HTAA October 2008 Statement – National Curriculum

National Conference, Brisbane, October 2008 HTAA endorses the National Curriculum Board’s current approach to the development of national History courses. We are very encouraged by the people engaged to oversee the writing of a History framework paper, by the genuinely collaborative nature of the process and by the lengthy consultation period that is envisaged before …

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HTAA September Update

Last week The Australian contributed to the national curriculum discussion with a suggestion that Professor Stuart Macintyre’s appointment to oversee the writing of the history framework paper was ill-advised. A headline spoke of a reigniting of the history wars. An editorial concluded that ‘the appointments [of Macintyre (history) and Freebody (English)] reflect poorly on the …

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